chi gong

Chi gong is an ancient Chinese teaching of physical movement. The aim of practicing this with me in my classes is to attain better health and vitality. The difference in relation to other movement forms is the focus we place on integration and the growing awareness of one’s movement and presence. I train daily since 2014 and am happy to guide you in your process.

Why Chi gong?

By practicing regularly you have access to a fantastic tool with which to improve your energy, emotions and health.

What do we do in a lesson?

The lessons consist of learning a series of specific movements, breathworks, self-massage and accupressure points as well as meditating together. 


traininglocation : tuesday (execpt school vakation period) 18:15 till 19:30 in mahara  De Clercqstraat 123HS Amsterdam 

 price: € 12,= per lesson

Member of  V.B.A.G./ S.R.B.A.G.  Acknoledged bij insurance companies