Arjan van Mulligen (1972)


Arjan van Mulligen 1972

Before I started working as a Shiatsu practitioner in 2007 I held a number of creative professions in which the use of my hands always played a central role. Because of my ambition towards working in a deeper way with my sense of purpose and ability to bring balance, I turned towards bodywork. Health and vitality are, in my opinion, what every person should aim to have at the core of their lives. Balance in life helps you bring out your best qualities. It’s my aim to help anyone who visits me achieve this.


Zen shiatsu therapie  2010
TCM acupunctuur 2013
Westers medische basiskennis 2010 / 2016


Muscular / skeleton pain syndromes 2015
Facial diagnosis 2015
Vrouwelijke infertiliteit 2016
Menstruele verstoringen 2016
Chinese en westerse geneeskrachtige theeen 2016
Cranio sacraal therapie 2016
Directe moxa 2016
Samurai shiatsu 2017
extra meridianen en Gui punten 2017
acupuncture for repeat injury syndrome 2017
masterclass shiatsu with Masunaga Haruhiko 2017
Ampuku (japanese bellymassage) 2018
acupuncture in psychiatry 2018
shiatsu en de drie famillies 2019
 shen and the treatment of psychological disorders  2019
 cancer care  2021
 meridian diagnostics  2021
 respiratory infections incl. covid  2021
Extensies van Masunaga, meridiaan technieken  2022
auricular mobilisation 2022
 tuina clinical diagosis and tratment        2023
 lower backpain        2024


Member of  V.B.A.G./ S.R.B.A.G.  Acknoledged bij insurance companies


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Schaepmanstraat 166, Amsterdam

Mobile 06 270 21 971