Shiatsu & Acupuncture

Shiatsu is a manual method of medical treatment. Shiatsu uses specific pressure on certain areas of the body that allow self-healing to occur. Shiatsu also has diagnostic value which can indicate where additional healing, such as acupuncture, might be necessary.

Both Shiatsu and acupuncture monitor the energetic system of the body. This system follows the meridians (energy channels) where acupuncture points are located. Shiatsu and acupuncture both use these specific meridian points to bring healing and balance. With Shiatsu, the points are treated manually with the hands and with acupuncture, the points are treated with sterile needles that gently rest on the specific meridian channels and provide painless healing.


Member of  V.B.A.G./ S.R.B.A.G.  Acknowledged bij insurance companies.


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Schaepmanstraat 166, Amsterdam

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