Do In Exercises

The lesson consists of Chi Gong and meridian stretches. (90 min)

Chi Gong exercises are a specific set of movements that we coordinate from our energetic center. This energetic center (Chinese:dantian) is two fingers below the navel. The purpose of these exercises is to bring back the energy to the center point where it belongs. This will reduce tension in the upper body and clear residual stress from the head. The Chi Gong exercise technique uses a neutral posture which is grounding and strengthening for the inner core.

Meridian stretches are yoga-like exercises where we open the meridians. This can reduce stagnation (pain). We also pay attention to self-massage of the acupuncture points so one can treat any future physical complaints themself.

Weekly Class: Monday, 18:00 - 19:30 Location: De Wittenstraat 100 Amsterdam. Http://

Do-In Exercises [group of employees] at location of your company: € 148  [ex.BTW]. (90 min)



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Schaepmanstraat 166, Amsterdam

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