Company Massage service

Extended time spent sitting behind the computer takes a toll on the body and posture. The associated complaints can be remedied with Shiatsu.  

By regularly treating your employees at your business location, you will keep your fellow workers fit and motivated.

I also give ergonomic advice and I offer specific exercises to resolve complaints.

I have 10 years of experience as a Shiatsu massage therapist with several well-known companies.

20 min. chair massage or short treatments on the mat; € 21,= [ex. BTW].

In many cases, these costs are tax-deductible.

Member of  V.B.A.G.  Acknoledged bij insurance companies


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Schaepmanstraat 166, Amsterdam

Mobile 06 270 21 971

Btw: 1803 93 443 / b 01

Kvk : 341 941 60